Ever since its founding, IDK Corporation has been leading the ProAV industry in Japan for more than 25 years, specializing in the education, corporate, and digital signage industries for class rooms, conference rooms, command control centers and event applications.

IDK has sought to contribute to a more prosperous society through the development of innovative AV solutions such as digital multi switchers, extenders, splitters and other related products. Our mission is to earn trust of our customers by being committed to providing the BEST products designed by the latest and BEST engineering technology. We must adapt to the new era, in which analog video has rapidly been transitioning to digital video and 4K/8K resolution age has arrived. In order to meet and even exceed our customers’ expectations. With every product IDK 's goal is to bring to market offerings with the very highest quality standards.


1989 Established as Video cable & RGB distribution amplifier manufacturer
1993 Release of video transmission system for PC class rooms
1998 Start distributing products of Centurion Technology (USA) in Japan
2000 Release of Matrix switcher products
2001 Start distributing products of TKH Security (USA) in Japan
2002 Start distributing products of Magenta Research (USA) in Japan
2003 Release of Multi Switcher “MMS & MMV series”
Start distributing products of NetSupport (UK) in Japan
2005 Start distributing products of Aurora Multimedia (UAS) in Japan
2007 Release of Digital (HDMI) related products such as extenders & splitters
2008 Start distributing products of ThinkLogical (USA) & DEXON (Hungary) in Japan
2009 Release of first “MSD series “
2010 Release of HDBase-T related products such as “HDC series”
2011 Start distributing products of Opticis (Korea) in Japan
2012 Release of “MSD-54 series“
2013 HDBase-T Adapter
Release of Optical extenders “OPF series”
Release of Digital Point Maker (Annotator) collaborate with Boeckeler instruments (UAS)
Start distributing products of RavenResearch (USA) & EnConn (Taiwan) in Japan
2014 Entry into the world market having “New MSD series”

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