Brookfield CT, June 20, 2017— IDK’s MSD-802UHD Digital Multi Switcher continues to gain accolades, award, winning a Tech & Learning Best of Show at this year’s just-completed InfoComm2017 conference.

MSD-802; Analog video supported in a 4K world:

The MSD-802 is a compact, 1 RU rack-mountable universal convertor, audiovisual signal switcher.  Simple to use, with a built-in scan converter and integrated HDBaseT extension at both at the input and output.  The MSD-802 is an AV toolbox well suited to classrooms and conference rooms and equally suitlive event AV environment, where real time, low-latency processing and color fidelity is required for 4K/UltraHD presentations.  It Supports the latest HDR (High Dynamic Range) and WCG (Wide Color Gamut) formats including 4K resolutions at 60Hz with 4:4:4 Color-space support.

Specifically, the I/O facilities include eight (8) digital inputs comprising; five (5) HDMI/DVI (1) HDBaseT and two (2) two individually addressable inputs capable of accepting signals from digital or analog sources including composite video or VGA. Outputs are (2) HDMI/DVI and (2) HDBaseT outputs which are all active simultaneously.  Inputs and outputs are HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2.  Audio I/O includes eight (8) digital and three (3) analog inputs and outputs are embedded into the HDMI stream or available as an analog signal.

Since the MSD-802 includes built-in scan conversion, configuration settings during startup are unnecessary. Scan conversion assures that switching between inputs is seamless, with only a single black frame inserted during transitions. Total switching execution times are less than one second, providing an elegant and stress-free user experience, even when handling high resolution and HDCP encrypted signals.

As with other MSD products, the MSD-802 provides many features that make for rapid and simple implementation, use and assurance of uptime. Simple operation, is assured by a redesigned menu structure and quick access to features via front panel buttons, as well as a web-based UI offering control over a LAN or across the web.  The implementation of Power over HDBaseT (POH) now offers the powering of remote devices from the MSD-802.

Automatic input detection and switching assures a successful installation followed by positive user experiences. While plugging in a presenter’s laptop for example, it is unnecessary to command the switcher, thanks to this auto-switching function that selects the most recently presented input signal.

The MSD-802 features both default and user configurable aspect ratio and resolution format controls that can be set optimally and independently for each input and each output to support source and sink devices operating at different resolutions or formats simultaneously. The process can be operated in auto mode.

Additional auto modes make routing signals to the desired displays simple, such as IDK’s anti-snow feature.  One of root causes of a snowy image occurs when the sink device fails to share decryption key with the source device.  The MDS 802 automatically corrects snowy noise at startup.  After the initial signal is established, the connection reset function is then enabled, this auto feature will fix HDCP handshake failures without physically removing and inserting the cables.  Users and A/V Pros are pleased that content is presented correctly at the display immediately and without any need to grapple with settings.

With simultaneous outputs, the MSD 802 eliminates the requirement of an external distribution amplifier in some configurations.  Cable equalization on the input and output can drive long cable runs or in some instances compensate for cable that is of less than optimal quality.

MSD-802 Key features:

  • Automatic input switching
  • HDMI input cable EQ Input: up to 33 ft. to 99 ft. approx. (10 m to 30 m)
  • HDBaseT inputs and outputs support up to 328.08 ft. approx. (100 m) extension over a Cat6 cable
  • Aspect ratio control
  • Seamless switching
  • D/A conversion
  • Control via RS-232C, LAN and IDK’s IQ control apps for Apple and Android devices
  • EDID emulation
  • Integrated test pattern & audio generator

IDK Corporation is a customer-focused Japanese manufacturer and has been serving the needs of the demanding Japanese Pro-AV market for over 28 years. Each of our products is proudly designed, developed, manufactured, and rigorously tested at our own facilities in Japan. IDK’s continuing success, together with an expanding worldwide demand for sophisticated, high quality and high performance solutions is enabling IDK’s enthusiastic response to the needs of the global Pro-AV community.

About IDK

IDK Corporation, headquartered in Yamato Japan with sales, fulfillment and service operations in USA, Europe and Asia. As a customer-focused, Pro-AV equipment manufacturer, all IDK products are proudly designed, developed, manufactured, and rigorously tested at our own facilities. As the global Pro-AV market is tiring of low quality rebranded products from “difficult-to-qualify” sources, IDK is being identified as the go-to for genuine, unique and robust solutions – both for baseband as well as AV over IP. With a comprehensive portfolio of products that are built to perform and last, IDK is being recognized and embraced as the better alternative worldwide.

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