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To meet the growing demand for 4K video, IDK has developed an innovative product for AV systems: IP‐NINJAR, a game changing Audio/Video over IP solution for high definition signal extension, switching and manipulation. This 4K solution leverages off‐the‐shelf 10 Gb Ethernet switches and enables signal management of 4K@60 4:4:4 signals with zero frame latency. Boasting unlimited scalability and flexible input/output configurations, IP‐NINJAR brings a new concept of AV switching and distributing to the world of Pro AV.

Digital Multi Switchers

The MSD series was the first digital multi-switcher in the world that featured a built-in scan convertor. Its functionalities include customer-oriented technologies developed by IDK enabling MSD products to provide “Higher Reliability” to system integrators and end users. To this day the MSD series continues to evolve in terms of quality and reliability in a very competitive market. Combining MSD switchers with IDK signal extenders, offers a total system-wide solution.

Modular Matrix Switchers

The IDK FDX series represents a new level of matrix switching for AV systems. The FDX series combine the simplicity and reliability of a fixed I/O matrix switcher with the convenience and flexibility of a modular matrix switcher. The FDX accepts any combination of available HDMI/DVI, twisted pair cable extension (HDBaseT), or fiber optic extension input/output boards. Input and output boards are available in 4-input, 4-output, providing various I/O size combinations with sizes ranging from 4×4 to 64×64, depending on the FDX frame selected. The FDX series also supports HDCP and is ideal for a wide range of applications that require routing of high-resolution digital video signals.


IDK makes a variety of extension products, including HDBaseT, coax, and fiber optics.


The IDK IMP series HDMI Switchers is simple-to-use HDMI Switchers. TMDS signals are automatically equalized at the input so signal degradation is virtually eliminated. 7-segment LED status check functions make setup and operation a breeeze. The IMP-400UHD support 4K@60 4:4:4 and HDR. Automatic input detection and switching function is available.

Distribution Amplifiers

The IDK VAC Distribution Amplifiers take a single HDMI input and offer 2,4,5 or 10 outputs, enabling widespread content distribution. TMDS signals are automatically equalized at the input so signal degradation is virtually eliminated. The IDK HDC Distribution Amplifiers take a single HDBaseT input and offer 2 or 4 outputs, enabling widespread content distribution with extension up to 197 ft. / 60m. Coupled with the rest of the HDC series, take command of your HDBaseT environment and distribute video / audio throughout your system.


IDK’s multiviewer products allow combining several sources into one output. They could then be displayed on a single screen, split however the user chooses.

Digital Video Analyzers

IDK’s GF-100 Digital Video Analyzer is designed for testing source/sink devices, monitoring DDC between source and sink devices and testing signal transmission on DVI and HDMI capable devices. All resolutions from VGA through QWXGA are supported (WUXGA and QWXGA only with reduced blanking) plus HDTV/SDTV resolutions from 480i through 1080p.

Control Systems

IDK has a robust control ecosystem, including iqControl™ the bring-your-own-device iOS and Android app, and the NJR-CTB which allows for advanced setup and control of the IP-NINJAR 4K@60 4:4:4 AV Over IP solution. The IDK SWC series are button switch controller for any AV devices.

Other AV Peripherals

IDK provides various other AV peripherals to support system integrator and customer such as EDID Emulator, rack mount solution, and etc…